Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lo-Fi X-Mas

Start of December 2009

Hello everybody as you might you know there is from a couple of years back a christmas calender the lo-fi way, if you've missed it here it is, http://www.thebaseballfield.se/vvm/lofixmas09/. For you who thinks of a calender with chocolate bits for everyday might get disappointed instead you get a new freshly song (mostly) everyday. Talking to feliz felix he was telling me the aim has always to been to be in the calender and have one of his songs representing one of all the days in december before christmas. It finally happend and he found this youtube clip of a certain family (not his own by the way) and mixed it up all together with his music skills (at least he thinks). The song it's called family christmas and can be found here, feliz felix - family christmas , enjoy!

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