Thursday, October 7, 2010

Molly Mole – Andra Sommaren

Molly sent us a picture of her and School, Sweet School. Can you guess who is who on the picture (hint: one of them wears a dress which makes the wearer look like a dog)? The first to give the correct answer might win a School, Sweet School t-shirt (you can only guess once, and there is nowhere to send your guess to). (Eventuell vinstskatt betalas av vinnaren.)

It's been more than a year since we last heard from Molly Mole, the lyrical mastermind of Krashen and now the lyrical helping hand mastermind of School, Sweet School. We phoned her to see what she has been up to lately.

Q: Hi Molly! How are you doing?

A: It is OK. No problems. No problems at all.

Q: Being the sverigev√§n (“friend of the Swedes”) you are, what is your opinion on the recent election in Sweden?

A: I have always been saying that a population with such a high density of Evert Taube fans must be capable of horrible things. I think that this was proven to be correct.

Q: I guess you are right. We hear you have been back in Sweden a couple of times since the last time we spoke ...?

A: Yes, twice. Both times I've been recording new material. And I also took part in the annual School, Sweet School concert at Hinseberg.

Q: OK. Tell us a bit more, did you meet your friend Tyskan from your last visit?

A: Yes, we met and we recorded a song. A Christmas song, actually. It can be found here if anyone wants to listen to it. It was good fun. We talked a lot about runstenar. She seemed really into that.

Q: I hear you also celebrated her birthday. What did you give her?

A: I bought her a book. I think it was the latest novel by a Swedish author called Susanna Alakoski. It was in Swedish so I don't really know what it is about, but an old lady in the bookstore recommended it to me when I mentioned who was to get the gift. But after Tyskan unwrapped the present, she said she already had the book. Actually she had several copies of the book.

Q: Who would have known... How was your second stay?

A: It was good fun. Or not that much fun. But we recoded a song and played at the prison. Then I returned home. I can't stand being with the School, Sweet School people for more than a few days. The first day is OK, then it gets worse quite fast. Lobster Girl seemed in good shape, though. Oh, we took a bandfoto also, do you want to see it? I will send it to you! One of us wore a very special dress which makes you look like a dog. Good fun.

Q: Great, I will publish the photo with the interview (see above). Tell us a little bit about the song you recorded. You wrote the lyrics, what is it about?

A: Well, the song is called Pool Song, it is pretty good and you have no business in what it is about.

Q: OK. One last question, is it true that you are on the label of Systembolaget's 6589?

A: Yes.

Q: That is really good to know. Thank you and goodbye.

A: Au revoir.

Oh, and here is that song they recorded: School, Sweet School – Pool Song