Saturday, April 17, 2010

The story of a band; Dyckert

Listen up and I'll tell a story. About a band growing old.

Remember when Kurt Loder of MTV News predicted “(...) these guys will be the Charles and Eddie of the 21st century!” after the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards? Well, the story of Dyckert is a classic one; a story which takes us right through the museum of rock and roll; from its great gates of expectations and up-and-coming stardom to its most forgotten and saddest corners of unfulfilled dreams.

Formed 1995, the band began its career by playing and recording as if there was no tomorrow, soon gaining a reputation of excellence both live and "in the studio". During the late 90s and the early 2000s Dyckert lined up a number of hits; Let's Go To War, Picabo Street and Untitled just to mention a few. Many say that it was that very last song mentioned, Untitled (actually a rather thinly veiled cover of the Phantom of the Opera “theme song”), that began the band's decline. Soon after the single was released (a huge success at the time) the band was sued by the composer and was forced to pay a rather substantial compensation to him. This blunder left the band members in dept for at least twice their lifetimes. Both the band and its audience seemed to have lost their spirit, the following singles never made the charts.

After having recoding their last single, a rather sad take on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song, the band was dropped by their record label. The band was left totally abandoned by fans and media alike. The single was never released.

Here I bring you a live recording of the band. Although the recording is from a sad period of the band's career, during the mid 2000s, after the lawsuit, when the band struggled through Sweden to make ends meet, playing small venues all over the country, I think it gives a nice presentation of the band. Let me take you back to the outskirts of the city of Nyköping. Let me take you back to Dyckert live at Vesterlunds krog!